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Shoutcast Info & Stats version 1.5

Shoutcast Info & Stats v1.5

For Shoutcast v1.X & v2.X - Responsive layout - Clean & Dark Themes - With HTML5 Player - With "Playing Now" & "Played History" - Artist's Biography - Album's and Song info - Two types listeners map with statistics.. and more

Check your Shoutcast Audio Format

The player of our script based on JPlayer script. As the author say, this player streaming only MP3 or M4A (AAC) audio. For check if your shoutcast radio can played with this player you can using the form below.
(Enter IP or URL without http://, your Shoutcast port and click on "Check" button).

If you get the player and listen your radio, the audio format supported by this player!
If you don't listen your radio your format doesn't supported by this player!

Shoutcast IP or URL:
http:// :
Shoutcast PORT:

Credits: • PHPjQueryLastFMjPlayerMaxmind.comTwitteroauthFont AwesomeTiny ScrollbarTooltipster
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