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Shoutcast Info & Stats version 1.5

Shoutcast Info & Stats v1.5

For Shoutcast v1.X & v2.X - Responsive layout - Clean & Dark Themes - With HTML5 Player - With "Playing Now" & "Played History" - Artist's Biography - Album's and Song info - Two types listeners map with statistics.. and more

Check your Shoutcast server port(s)

Some servers have block the outside ports for security reasons. Our script must communicate with Shoutcast stats and need this port open. You can check if your Shoutcast port(s) is open with these instructions:
(Note: Your radio must be online and play songs normally for show results!)

1. Download here a zip file
2. Unzip the check-port.zip file and open the file check-port.php with an editor (ex. Notepad++)
3. In the first lines add the settings of your shoutcast server (version, ip:port and password)
4. Save the file and upload in the root of your website.
5. Run the file with your browser (ex. http://www.your-website.com/check-port.php).

If you get some info about your radio, the port is open!
If you don't get these info or the page loading forever your server has block the outside ports and you must contact with your hosting company for opening theme!

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