Full Weather Page V2 Purchase On Codecanyon ($15)

Full Weather Page V2

Full Weather Page V2 is a php-mysql script for show your local (or any city/location of the world) in your website. The application use the Wunderground.com API and can show the current conditions and up to 10 days forecast.
Full Weather Page V2 come with many features like: weather history (climate), detailed weather conditions, hour by hour forecast, graphs for forecasts, weather map, multiple languages, easy installation and configuration, ready widgets with generator and many other!
Full Weather Page V2 is responsive and you can change the style very easy for match your website layout!
Note: Please read carefully the requirements before purchase the script!

Easy Intallation and Configuration

Full Weather Page V2 using PHP and MySql for store the data and you can install it very easy in any website who support these languages! There is an admin area where you can make your changes for match the weather page with your website style. You can add your city/location very easy (Wunderground support 100,000+ weather stations around the world).

Support Multi Languages

Full Weather Page V2 can translated to your language via admin area. The script coming ready with languages: English, Russian, German, Greek and Bulgarian. You can set via weather settings your default language for show to your visitors and have a menu for all languages in weather pages (you can disable any language you don't want show in there).

Weather Widgets

Full Weather Page V2 coming ready with 3 widgets (more coming soon). These widgets can added in any of your website pages for show fast info about he weather of your city. Can be a simple widget (with current conditions) or with forecast for next days or a google map with all of your cities in there! You can create the widgets via generators for match your website's style!

Weather Charts

Full Weather Page V2 using nice charts for show hourly or forecast data in your weather page! The charts are optional and you can disable via admin's weather settings very easy. You can change the charts style very easy via simple css files. There are charts for history (climate) weather too with temperatures, wind, rainfall etc!


Before purchase Full Weather Page V2 you must check if your server meet these settings:
PHP 5.2 and better - MySql 5.X and better (with PDO Class enable)
cUrl library - DOMDocument library - SimpleXml enable
allow_url_fopen : ON
Enable fopen, fwrite etc - Permissions for add cron jobs
Permissions for make or edit new folders and files
(90% of servers support these settings - You can ask your hosting about these)
This script work with Wunderground.com API (is free for 500 queries per day and 10 queries per minute)